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Vegetarian Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving

As I mentioned, we’re skipping Thanksgiving this year. Instead, we’re planning on going to the movies and a Chinese restaurant. (I’ve always wanted to do that on Christmas, but Thanksgiving works, too.)

I’m really looking forward to going to My Thai Cafe. It’s my absolute favorite Boston vegetarian restaurant. I went there for the first time over ten years ago (then called Buddha’s Delight) and had “chicken” fingers. It’s also one of the few vegetarian restaurants in Massachusetts open on Thanksgiving. Others are:

Thanks to the Boston Vegetarian Society for compiling this list in their email newsletter!

And although they’re not open on Thanksgiving, I want to give a shout out to Vej Naturals. They’re in the process of moving from Malden to a new location in Somerville, and I’m really looking forward to the new space. The old one really didn’t do justice to the great food.

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