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Massachusetts: Don't Forget to Vote December 8

The special election for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat is coming up on Tuesday, and Cambridge Energy Alliance points to a bunch of environmental-related information on the candidates, including links to the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters. They endorse Michael Capuano and, for what it’s worth, so do I. He’s been my representative for ten years, and it seems that every time I email his office about an issue I care about, he agrees with me and has taken some kind of action. Much of the time, he’s already cosponsored the bill in question!

Most of my posts focus on things that we can do in our personal lives to preserve the environment, but taking an interest in politics is one of the most effective ways to achieve change. Just by being an informed citizen, voting, and letting our representatives know our opinion on legislation, we can extend the reach of our actions: not just driving a fuel-efficient car,  but making better standards for all cars; not just weatherproofing our home, but creating tax credits for anyone to insulate their home.

Okay, off my soapbox now. Get out there and vote!

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