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Squeegees—Not Just for Windshields Anymore

When we decided to switch to more environmentally friendly cleaning methods, I was worried that it would be a lot more work, but I’ve found it can actually be easier.

My attempt to make my own shower cleaner with baking soda and vinegar resulted in a toothpaste-like substance that I had to scrub all over our shower by hand. Absolutely no comparison to Scrubbing Bubbles. Instead, we ended up switching to Clorox Greenworks. Its consistency and ease of use was comparable to our old, more toxic cleaner. Even better, it’s not tested on animals, it doesn’t contain phosphates or bleach, and it doesn’t suffocate you with the fumes. It gets the EPA’s Design for the Environment label and is endorsed by the Sierra Club. Works for me.


Around the same time, we also got a squeegee for our shower. Each morning the last person out squeegees down the walls. The dry shower walls don’t develop soap scum, mildew, or mold as quickly, so they can go a lot longer without washing. So not only did we switch to a greener cleaner, but now we don’t even need to use it as often.

Anyone have any suggestions for easier-to-use homemade cleaners? Keep in mind that I hate hate hate cleaning.

Also, did you catch this anti-Scrubbing Bubbles commercial put out by Method a while back? It’s hilarious. I really wish they hadn’t chickened out and pulled it.


Comment from Morganna
Time December 15, 2009 at 1:44 am

Shameless self-promotion:

It’s all about how to clean with vinegar & baking soda (and not always together).

How I clean my shower:
Wet sponge. Pour vinegar on scrubby side. Wipe down walls and tub. Scrub off soap scum if desired (but not too hard — wait for the next step). Rinse soap scum off sponge. Pour shampoo on scrubby side (I use Suave vanilla but I think any shampoo would do). Wipe down walls and tub. Scrub off any remaining soap scum. Rinse sponge. Rinse tub and walls well (tub floor will be slippery from the shampoo so rinse very well).

Honestly, the soap scum and mildew comes straight off.

Comment from Brenda Pike
Time December 22, 2009 at 9:28 am

Thanks for the tip. But to do this I’d have to scrub my entire shower by hand twice. I don’t even like doing it once. There must be an easier way!

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