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Oxybenzone: Worse than Parabens?

You may remember that back in June I begged for moisturizer recommendations. After six months of trial and error I still haven’t found anything ideal. I may have to revise my expectations. Even the moisturizers advertised as paraben free generally contained oxybenzone, a chemical that’s classified by the Environmental Working Group as worse than parabens. Of course, most sunscreens with parabens also contain oxybenzone, so it’s probably best to steer away from chemical sunscreens entirely. (Although they are better for you than skin cancer.)

Mineral sunscreens containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide are the way to go, but I generally find them too thick and greasy.


For what it’s worth, here are the moisturizers I’ve tried, in descending order of preference. None of them are tested on animals, so they’re at least better than Oil of Olay.

Any more suggestions? It may be a while before I try them. I admit to being more than a little cheap, so I’m going to finish off the bottles I have (even if I hate them) before getting more.


Comment from Jenn
Time February 17, 2011 at 7:48 pm

Hi there!–
Sorry I missed this before–I don’t know if it helps at all, but just yesterday I did my own “favorite moisturizer” post (–and believe it or not, NOTHING for me works as well as a tiny bit of grapeseed or almond oil, maybe with a little essential oil to give it a nice scent, rubbed into just-barely-still-damp skin after washing hands or taking a shower. Seriously, it works GREAT. And is scary-cheap, with no scary ingredients.

Seriously worth a try!

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