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Tracking Our Energy Use

We’ve done a bunch of stuff to try to save energy since we moved into this apartment two years ago, most of it documented right here. But while I had a sense it was working (at least to some extent), I never actually crunched the numbers. And this blog is really supposed to be about concrete numbers, not assumptions. So what do those numbers show?

gas usage (in therms)

We’ve definitely reduced our natural gas usage—by 20–25% in the coldest months of the year. This isn’t due to any sort of deprivation on our part, because I can’t stand being cold. The apartment has actually felt warmer while we cut back on gas. This is really encouraging. If we can save heating fuel that much just with the small improvements we’ve made as renters, anybody can do it.

electricity usage (in kWh)

Our electricity usage has dropped August through January, but actually increased February through July. This may be because we haven’t used our ceiling fans this winter (and we didn’t have them in early 2009). We stopped because they actually seemed to make us feel a little colder. I’ll have to see how that plays out the rest of this winter.

It’s really easy to track your energy use. Nstar prints the past year’s numbers on every bill, and all bills are archived under your account on their website. You should try it!

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