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Au Revoir

As you may have already guessed, many things have combined to make me stop posting to this blog. (First school, now work.) Rather than fitfully posting a handful of times a year, I think I’ll officially call it. But there’s a lot of good content here that I’m going to leave up for posterity. Here […]

Saturday Green Links – 4/13

Electricity, transportation, and animal cruelty seem to be the three themes floating in the ether recently. Enjoy. How Green is My Electricty? – Green Lifestyle Choices. Jon describes the tradeoffs between natural gas and electric heat.  How Diverse Is Your State’s Electricity Generation Portfolio? – Think Progress. Massachusetts has the least diverse mix, relying heavily on natural […]

Saturday Green Links – 3/23

March Green Links? Anyway, these are very transportation-focused again, because there’s been a lot of talk in Massachusetts about that lately. It’s Not Your Imagination, People Driving To Work Are Miserable – Boston Biker. Yes, people walking and biking to work are happier. And this in January and February, too. How Massachusetts Commutes to Work – […]

Saturday Green Links – 1/26

Okay, I know it’s been a while. Maybe I should call these “January Green Links.” Anyway, here’s the best stuff I’ve seen this month. A warning: many of them have to do with transportation planning. Governor Patrick’s New Transportation Plan Positive Move For Cycling In Massachusetts – Boston Biker. A large chunk of plan funds is […]

Saturday Green Links – 8/15

People talk about the ethical reasons not to wear leather, but not often the environmental ones. Jason worked in a tannery once—after stricter environmental regulations were implemented—and believe me, it was still disgusting. Before shopping for fall – know the facts about leather! – Examiner. Between raising the cows and tanning the hides, leather is very […]