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Interview with Save That Stuff’s Adam Mitchell

Over on the Boston Local Food Festival blog, I talk to to Save That Stuff’s Adam Mitchell about how the company is able to divert so much waste for the festival. (They’re so successful that we’ve contracted the company for the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival in September!) I was also really interested in what he […]

Interview with Green Cambridge President Quinton Zondervan, Part 2

Earlier this week I spoke to Green Cambridge president Quinton Zondervan about the work that the volunteer group is doing in the community. But even more interesting to me, as an organizer of Berklee’s sustainability group, was the chance to pick his brain about how he’s able to keep the group going in what little […]

Interview with Green Cambridge President Quinton Zondervan, Part 1

Quinton Zondervan has only been president of Green Cambridge for a year, but he’s already revitalized a volunteer organization that was on the verge of collapse. He was gracious enough to talk to me about the work that the group does and how he pulls together volunteers with diverse interests (stay tuned for the latter […]

Connecting Bike Paths: Charles River to Minuteman

If you saw the Boston Globe piece on bike paths this week, you know that Boston has a lot of them, but most are isolated—often cut off by particularly nerve-wracking stretches of road or dangerous intersections. But Cambridge has been working to improve these connections, even without the space for full-on bike paths. This weekend, […]

Harnessing Local Volunteers with MCAN

Cambridge Day at the dasHAUS exhibit had a lot of material! Check out my previous posts covering it, focusing on passive houses and Massachusetts Green Communities. Transitioning from Lisa Capone’s talk on Green Communities, Rob Garrity, the executive director of Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN), boasted that the 70 cities covered by his organization’s 46 branches are […]