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Saturday Green Links – 10/10

I couldn’t resist doing a links post, because I was so excited to find out that Blue Apron was recycling packaging. And that my old colleague Amanda had a blog! Finally! @BlueApron Offers Packaging Return – Organic Glory. The packaging has always been the worst part of this great program. Now they’ll give you a free return label to […]

Rest Stop Farmers Markets

I’m notoriously bad at planning ahead for meals, so long car trips are always a challenge. More often than not I end up resorting to the sorts of fast food you find at gas stations and rest areas. So I was really excited when, on the way back from Connecticut this weekend, I saw a […]

Costa Rica: Carbon Neutral by 2021

On our vacation in January, we visited Costa Rica. I’d never thought much about the country before—in fact, I’m not sure I could have pinpointed exactly where in Latin America it was. But what I discovered really impressed me. Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world, and for good […]

Reduce Junk Mail with Catalog Choice

This is the time of year that companies start hounding people with piles of catalogs, and I’ve definitely seen an uptick. Catalog Choice makes it easy to be removed from mailing lists. For a $20 donation you can sign up to be removed from all traded mailing lists, or you can look up individual catalogs […]

New Design—and a Question

As you may have noticed, I finished the redesign of my blog this weekend. I’m still working out a few kinks, but it’s mostly going smoothly. One thing about the design that I’m torn about is the ad in the left sidebar. On the one hand, I’d like the blog to at least pay for […]