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Crystal Deodorant: One Year Later

It looks like I’ve finally found the limits of my Crystal deodorant—in two different ways.

First off, the heat and the stress of my first day in Cuba overwhelmed it, and I had to switch to an antiperspirant. (You’re welcome, Roya and Debbie!) This is the first time I’ve had to do that in the whole year that I’ve been using it, and, admittedly, it was in very special circumstances.


I also think I’m ready to get a new stick. There’s still quite a bit of the old one left , but it’s started to melt in an uncomfortable way—there’s a hole in the center now, with jagged edges. I can still use the sides, but I have to be very careful about it, and sometimes when I’m hurrying I jab an edge into my armpit.

I’m amazed that this one stick has lasted almost a year. When I first started using it last January, I thought it would just be a crazy experiment I was doing for the blog. I never imagined I’d like it so much that it would replace my old antiperspirant!

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