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The Best Reusable Bags

I can’t believe I’ve gone almost two years here without talking about how much I love my reusable bags. I know they only make a teeny tiny difference, but they give me an enormous sense of satisfaction. They’re so well designed that they may be my favorite purchase ever. And this is taking into account my Kindle, my bike, my computer, and my car. I know; I’m crazy.


There are actually two different kinds of bags that I use:

  • Reisenthel Mini Maxi Shopper – This is polyester and folds up into its own tiny bag. Some people like the kind that fold up into itself—so they don’t lose the tiny bag—but it hasn’t been an issue, and this takes up less space. I keep one or two in my purse at all times. That way, even if I didn’t plan on going to the store, I always have a bag handy. I probably use them at least once a day for something. (The more colorful ones make great gift wrap, too.)
  • Hannaford Brothers Fold-A-Tote – This is cloth with metal grommets to reinforce the handles and a cardboard bottom. The cardboard limits how small it can fold up, but it allows it to stand on its own very well. These are the ones that I keep in the car for large shopping trips, because they can hold a lot without spilling everywhere. I’ve only found them at Hannaford Brothers grocery stores in Maine, but I’m sure they must exist elsewhere, too.

When I first tried bringing my own bags to the store I felt like a freak. (The blank stares from the cashiers at Star did nothing to make me feel better). And I had a hard time remembering them each time I went, which led to a lot of frustration. Like anything, it takes a while to get comfortable and find the perfect method for you.


Comment from Sharon
Time April 6, 2011 at 8:41 am

Market Basket has very good collapsible grocery bags. They’re very large and very sturdy. And it’s true that it’s changed just in the past two years from weird to bring your own bags to expected.

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