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Blue Heron Organic Farm

Over on the Boston Local Food Festival blog I’ve got a post up about Blue Heron Organic Farm in Lincoln. Ellery Kimball, the woman who runs it, is possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met, and so full of energy that she makes what I’m sure is back-breaking work look fun.

Ellery with her brand-new sign.

I didn’t have space to get into it over there, but it was interesting to hear exactly what goes into farming organically. These are probably common practices at organic farms, but hers is the first I’ve seen.

  • She plants a cover crop of rye each fall and plows it under in the spring to add nitrogen to the soil.
  • She rotates crops to keep nutrients in the soil and mislead pests accustomed to certain plants. (She actually picks off larger bugs by hand.)
  • She composts manure from a nearby farm to use as fertilizer.
  • She uses an electric fence to keep the deer away. (Although when I was there the fence wasn’t up yet and the deer had gotten to some of the pea shoots. I guess they like them as much as I do.)

…and I’m sure much more, but this was all we got into. If you ever see her or her vegetables around, the farm’s well worth supporting.


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