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LED Lamps Redeemed

I felt so bad writing a horrible review of the Greenlite LED 5W Desk Lamp that for a bon voyage present when I left Berklee, my boss gave me a new lamp: the Softech DL-90 Multi-Function LED Desk Lamp. It’s so wonderful that it’s cleared the name of all LED lamps in my eyes. So I had to take a moment to sing its praises.

Now doesn't that look better?

Now doesn’t that look better?

  • It’s sturdy. It’s made of plastic, but heavy-duty plastic. The arm hinges seem like they’ll hold up over time.
  • It’s flexible. It swivels 180 degrees and bends at two hinges. I have it on a side table next to an armchair, and it swings back and forth between them, and folds up into a slim tower when I’m not using it.
  • It has a USB charging port, so it has become our default cell phone charger.
  • It has multiple color temperatures: a sunlight color for reading, a blueish-white color for studying (it’s supposed to trigger the math and science parts of your brain), a dim yellow for relaxing, and an even dimmer yellow for bedtime, with an automatic shutoff after an hour.

And it only consumes 11W at its brightest (1100 lux—or lumens per square meter), with another 3W if it’s charging something. Suck it, Greenlite. Oh, yeah, and thanks, Rob.

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