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My Biggest Environmental Sin

Among all the environmental ideals I fall short of (and it’s a loooong list: eating dairy products, taking the bus when I could walk, watching TV, using a clothes dryer, flying, etc.), there’s one thing that stands out from the rest—takeout.

Mmm...tostada pizza.

Mmm...tostada pizza.

Not even just takeout, but delivery. I know, I know, it’s horrible in so many ways: the extra packaging; the gas wasted to bring it to us; the non-local, non-organic ingredients…. Almost anything we make at home would be better. But we still do it at least once a week. Either I’m tutoring late, we haven’t gone shopping, or we don’t have the energy to figure out what to make with all the random stuff in our fridge.

I’m not a big cook (that’s Jason), and when it’s hot, it seems even harder than usual to get up the gumption. I think it takes more creativity to make cool meals than hot ones: you need more fresh food, there’s more chopping, and you don’t even want to heat the kitchen with food you’ve prepared ahead of time. 

This is at the top of our list of bad habits, whether the goal is limiting our environmental impact, saving money, or losing weight. We’ll periodically renew our commitment to cutting back on takeout (or cutting it out entirely), but always get lazy.

This week’s been especially bad, since we spent last weekend in Maine. We did a good job cooking while we were up there—by necessity—so that evens things out, right? Right? Anyway, I vow not to order takeout for at least the next week.

What’s your biggest environmental sin?


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