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My Anti-Thanksgiving

We went to Maine this weekend for a holiday of our own devising: Carrot Cake and Poker Day. It’s less filling than Thanksgiving and far more fun. As the name suggests, we make and eat carrot cake and play poker all day with my sister’s family. My niece has especially gotten into it and puts up homemade decorations.


As a vegetarian, Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. And now that Jason’s a pescatarian, there’s not much to attract us to it. In fact, there are so many drawbacks:

  1. The traffic – Whose bright idea was it to have everyone in the country travel on the same day?
  2. The food – Like I said, we’re not interested in the main event. And although our families always have veggie options, they’re really the red-headed stepchildren of Thanksgiving.
  3. The stress – It’s just so hectic. People are cooking and hunting and visiting a thousand people. No one’s at their best, especially me and Jason.

So instead we went up for a more relaxed long weekend where we can actually spend some time with people, and Thanksgiving itself we’ll just spend at home. We’ve done this for two years now, and I’m really enjoying it. So what do you think of Thanksgiving? Are there any holidays that you’ve opted out of?


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