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Chef Set Meals: Hamburger Helper for Grownups

Thanks to Local in Season, I discovered a great timesaver for lazy cooks like me: Chef Set Meals. Ana Sortun, the chef at acclaimed Cambridge restaurant Oleanna, created these to be healthy, quick meal starters. They’re based on her philosophy that Middle Eastern foods use spices to make a meal flavorful, rather than fat or […]

Food Blogs I Have Loved

Cooking has always been something I struggle with (and usually surrender). When we decided to try to eat more seasonally and got a CSA, we upped the pressure. From-scratch meals take much more time and planning, and we can’t just fall back on the old stand-by recipes, because each week we get vegetables that we might […]

Book Review: Eating Animals

My boss just lent me Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Anyone who’s interested in this topic will already know the gist of this book, if not the specific examples. But I think it’s still important to read because we periodically need to be reminded exactly why we have the convictions that we do.

My Anti-Thanksgiving

We went to Maine this weekend for a holiday of our own devising: Carrot Cake and Poker Day. It’s less filling than Thanksgiving and far more fun