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Food Blogs I Have Loved

Cooking has always been something I struggle with (and usually surrender). When we decided to try to eat more seasonally and got a CSA, we upped the pressure. From-scratch meals take much more time and planning, and we can’t just fall back on the old stand-by recipes, because each week we get vegetables that we might […]

Easy Crockpot Marinara Sauce

I’ve been trying to clean out my pantry lately, in the same way I cleaned out my freezer a couple months ago. It’s taking a little longer, but over the next few days I’ll share some of the things I found in there and what I made with them. Check out my easy crockpot vegetarian […]

Fun with a Slow Cooker

I got a slow cooker weeks ago but haven’t had the chance (or the guts) to make anything with it yet. Since I often have more energy first thing in the morning than directly after work, I think it’ll help me actually cook on weekdays. And compared to the oven, slow cookers use such a low wattage that they save energy. Bonus!