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Chef Set Meals: Hamburger Helper for Grownups

Thanks to Local in Season, I discovered a great timesaver for lazy cooks like me: Chef Set Meals. Ana Sortun, the chef at acclaimed Cambridge restaurant Oleanna, created these to be healthy, quick meal starters. They’re based on her philosophy that Middle Eastern foods use spices to make a meal flavorful, rather than fat or […]

Mini Breakfast Quiches

Jason’s job has been a little crazy lately, so he hasn’t had much time for breakfast in the morning—usually he grabs something at work. So this weekend we made a bunch of breakfasts ahead of time and froze them. The egg sandwiches were a bust (kind of dry), but the mini breakfast quiches were a […]

Cooking from the Freezer

Putting up food is no good if you don’t ever get around to eating it. I tend to have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem, so attacking my freezer with this focused mindset is really necessary.

Mac ‘n’ Squash

Erin at The Conscious Shopper posted this recipe for mac ‘n’ squash that I was really happy with. (Jason suggested a little more tahini and mustard next time, but I’m a fan of bland.) Being the non-experimental cook that I am, I’m always looking for recipes that help me use the veggies I have on […]