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Tag: freezing food

Worm Update: No More Flies!

We checked on the worm bin tonight, and—finally!—the flies are gone. It’s taken four months of no feedings to eradicate the pests, but it eventually worked. (The spider that we found inside may have helped, too.) It obviously wasn’t the ideal environment for the poor worms; the few dried-up bodies on the floor around the […]

Cooking from the Freezer

Putting up food is no good if you don’t ever get around to eating it. I tend to have an out-of-sight, out-of-mind problem, so attacking my freezer with this focused mindset is really necessary.

Preparing Food Ahead of Time

This weekend we were able to prep a lot of food for future meals. We didn’t cook all the meals themselves (although that would be a good idea, too), but components of them. We’re really pressed for time during the week, and by doing this on the weekend we can have homemade meals but cut […]