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Worm Update: No More Flies!

We checked on the worm bin tonight, and—finally!—the flies are gone. It’s taken four months of no feedings to eradicate the pests, but it eventually worked. (The spider that we found inside may have helped, too.) It obviously wasn’t the ideal environment for the poor worms; the few dried-up bodies on the floor around the […]

An Explosion of Worms . . . and Flies

We checked on the old worm bin—the one we haven’t been feeding—and were amazed to see that it’s full of worms. Huge ones, too! Not feeding that bin for a couple months has completely eradicated the fly population living in the compost. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve all moved to the new bin. This is so embarrassing!

Harvesting Vermicompost

The worms are snug in their new bin. The tally: 738 worms weighing 9.42 ounces. That includes a lot of baby worms, which is good, because growing worms eat more food than their adult counterparts. To harvest the compost, we first emptied the bin into piles. Worms automatically move away from light, so they congregate […]

A Fly Infestation

I’m embarrassed to say that when we opened the lid to our worm bin this week, dozens of fruit flies flew out. The culprit was probably a melon from my fruit salad last week. (The seeds from the cantaloupe are the only things still recognizable in the compost, except for those darn cabbage leaves.) Not […]

Baby worms!

We were feeding the worms this week when I noticed something awesome—baby worms! There were tons of the little buggers, as well as a bunch of cocoons. I find this reassuring, because it means that their environment is good enough for them to reproduce; it’s not too wet or too dry, the castings to paper […]