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Boston Organics Update

Talking with Chelsea made me miss Boston Organics, so when my summer CSA ended last week, we signed up again. We’re still getting a winter CSA from Stone Soup Farm every two weeks, but it’s mostly root vegetables, and the box we’re getting from Boston Organics is 2/3 fruit. Yum! I may even keep Boston Organics all year ’round, because even in the height of summer Stone Soup offered almost no fruit. I just love having it around all the time for snacks.



You can tell that we’re not very dogmatic. A friend of mine has said that the point of a CSA is to eat only in-season foods, and not buy anything supplemental from the supermarket. But I just figure that, like with everything else, we’re somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. The more local/organic food we get, the less factory-farmed/processed food we rely on. And as we get better at cooking and preserving, the farther we’ll move along that spectrum. There’s no need to kick ourselves for what we’re not doing, as long as we’re constantly trying to improve.


Comment from Andrew W
Time November 1, 2009 at 11:56 am

Linds and I love our Boston Organics box. Best bananers we’ve ever had, though you have to eat them fast–they go brown in about four days.

Comment from Brenda Pike
Time November 3, 2009 at 6:50 pm

I’m having the opposite problem this week, and I made the mistake of eating the kiwis before they ripened. I’d never experienced a non-delicious kiwi before this….

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