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Recycle Anything with Earth911

I’ve shared ways to recycle some random things, like cell phones and inkjet cartridges. But don’t you wish there was one place where you could find out where to recycle pretty much anything? There is. My friend Sharon pointed me to Earth911, a site where you can type in your zip code and what you’re looking to recycle and find a list of places nearby that accept it. Not only that, but Earth911 offers more details on the listings, such as who can use it (residents, businesses, etc.), what the hours are, and if there are any restrictions on the materials. They even have a free iPhone app called iRecycle, so you can look up recycling info whenever the mood strikes.


I’ve tried to stump the search with hard-to-recycle things, and it’s performed admirably. I have no idea how they keep it so well informed, but kudos to them.

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