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Random Tip: Recycle Bottle Caps with Aveda

You may remember from my recycling plant tour that plastic objects under three inches don’t get recycled because they fall off the conveyer berlt or through the sorting machines. To solve that problem, Aveda is sorting the caps beforehand and sending in loads of just caps. (Thanks for the heads-up, Elisabeth!) Bring your caps to an Aveda store or mail them to:

ACA Waste Services
40 Eads Street
West Babylon, NY  11704


I have to admit, I’d never heard of Aveda before this, and they’re pretty cool. Everything in their store is vegan (except for the beeswax in some products), not tested on animals, and paraben free. The salesperson I spoke to was very knowledgeable about their products and about environmental issues in general, and was really helpful in narrowing down what I was looking for. And they offer neck and shoulder massages in-store! I’m generally a little weird about my personal space, but these guys are so nice and friendly I might actually think about it.

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