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Garden Planning

I finally got an application in for a community garden plot. It took me six months to get a clear response from the Cambridge Conservation Commission about how to apply. Unfortunately there’s also a three-year-long waiting list, so there probably won’t be any posts on here about gardening anytime soon. But if anyone else in Cambridge wants to sign up, here’s the application. It’s hard to find on the City of Cambridge website. (I can see why they’d try to discourage people, since  the waiting list is so long.)

Also, my friend Sharon reminded me that if anyone actually will be doing a garden this year (unlike me), now’s the time to order seeds. Her parents get theirs from Rupp and Totally Tomatoes, and my sister always orders hers from Johnny’s. It’s a good way to daydream about spring.


Comment from Minka vB
Time February 19, 2011 at 8:50 am

and a good time to order seedlings too. I recommend ReVision Urban Farm in Boston but you’ll have to do it next year.

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