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Restaurant Review: True Bistro

Sharon tricked me into brunch this weekend by inviting me to lunch at a vegan restaurant: True Bistro in Teele Square. Even though I can get a little paralyzed in the face of so many choices, I love vegan restaurants because I’m able to sample everyone’s dishes. Luckily, there seem to be more and more opening up in Boston.

The atmosphere was upscale yet comfortable. Fresh flowers graced every table, but co-owner Linda Harrison was very accommodating to Mike and Sharon’s two-year-old. It was all quite friendly. Prices were $8–10 for brunch items.

My tofu benedict

The meals themselves didn’t try too hard to be fake versions of meat. My tofu benedict tasted nothing like its namesake but was yummy nonetheless (lemony, with well-fried tofu). Sharon’s cheeseburger was very crumbly and barbeque-y and would never be mistaken for the real thing. Jason’s “chevre” and fresh herbs scramble was the sort of thing I’d like to make at home, and he proclaimed their home fries some of the best he’s had. Mike’s biscuits and crumbled house “sausage”—my least favorite—was still covered in some good mushroom gravy. Oh, and the raspberry compote on Adam’s waffle was great, but he was more interested in the fresh blueberries.

The best part? Since Jason and I are more comfortable biking around the city this year, we rode our bikes to Teele Square, on the first truly nice day of spring. (Yes, that is smug that you’re smelling.)

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