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Environmental Master’s Programs in Boston

I may have a hard time keeping to my posting schedule in the coming weeks, because I’m starting classes in the Tufts Urban Environmental Policy and Planning program. Writing and Public Communication is the first one, starting this week, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’d originally been planning on enrolling at Lesley University, […]

Restaurant Review: True Bistro

Sharon tricked me into brunch this weekend by inviting me to lunch at a vegan restaurant: True Bistro in Teele Square. Even though I can get a little paralyzed in the face of so many choices, I love vegan restaurants because I’m able to sample everyone’s dishes. Luckily, there seem to be more and more […]

Where to Find Vegan Shoes in Boston

For almost 14 years now, one of the first things that people have said when they find out I’m a vegetarian is, “But you wear leather shoes, don’t you?” Even though it’s an irritating knee-jerk question, I can see why they ask it. Finding comfortable, attractive, durable non-leather shoes can be a lot harder than […]

Random Tip: Boston Bike Survey

If you bike in the Boston area, take a minute to fill out the City of Boston bike survey. Let’s show the city exactly how much interest there is in bike-friendly roads.

Person-to-Person Car Sharing with RelayRides

On Saturday we tried out a Boston-based car-sharing service called RelayRides. It’s much like Zipcar, except that all the cars are owned by regular people. When they’re not using them, they rent them out. Jason and I are thinking of enrolling our car, since we rarely use it on weekends, but we wanted to try […]