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Renting Out Our Car with Relay Rides

I’ve already talked about renting cars through Relay Rides. Not that I’ve had to do it often, but it’s a useful option to have, and with no yearly membership fee, it’s a cheap, easy one, too. But for the last two months I’ve been on the other side of that particular transaction. Yup—I’ve been renting […]

Random Tip: Donate to Green Streets and Get Zipcar Credit

I just found out that Zipcar will match donations to the Green Streets Initiative with driving credit up to $75 for new members and $50 for current members. Participate in Green Streets’ monthly Walk/Ride Day and get an annual Zipcar membership for only $25, with no introductory fee. It’s a great combo: Green Streets works […]

Person-to-Person Car Sharing with RelayRides

On Saturday we tried out a Boston-based car-sharing service called RelayRides. It’s much like Zipcar, except that all the cars are owned by regular people. When they’re not using them, they rent them out. Jason and I are thinking of enrolling our car, since we rarely use it on weekends, but we wanted to try […]