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Carbon Footprint by Zip Code

Have you seen this great visualization from the Cool Climate Network? It’s household carbon footprint by zip code, based on home energy use, transportation, and consumption of goods and services. It’s really striking how green Boston and its immediate suburbs are, and how red the circle around them is. The companion carbon calculator lets you […]

Cambridge Bicycle Map

I’m happy to report that I just attended my first meeting as a member of the Cambridge Bicycle Committee. Part of what the committee does is advise the City of Cambridge about infrastructure improvements to make the city safer and more convenient for bicyclists—things like bike lanes and bike racks. This map shows current and […]

Bicycle Commuting Benefits

No, the title isn’t referring to the health benefits (or time savings) of riding a bike. Did you know that if you commute to work by bike you can be reimbursed for any expenses you incur, up to $240 a year? Thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act of 2008 (part of the Emergency Economy Stability […]

Renting Out Our Car with Relay Rides

I’ve already talked about renting cars through Relay Rides. Not that I’ve had to do it often, but it’s a useful option to have, and with no yearly membership fee, it’s a cheap, easy one, too. But for the last two months I’ve been on the other side of that particular transaction. Yup—I’ve been renting […]

Converting Classic Cars to Electric

A guest post by classic car enthusiast Jack Payton. My first experience with the now growing trend of retrofitting older vehicles with electric engines occurred during an eco-brew fest in Boise, Idaho a few years ago. The beer fest is always a fun time, with neighboring microbreweries specializing in green operations and organic ingredients. But […]