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Cambridge Bicycle Map

I’m happy to report that I just attended my first meeting as a member of the Cambridge Bicycle Committee. Part of what the committee does is advise the City of Cambridge about infrastructure improvements to make the city safer and more convenient for bicyclists—things like bike lanes and bike racks. This map shows current and […]

Random Tip: Fix-a-Flat Clinics

My issue with my gear cable freezing made me realize I really should learn bike maintenance from someone other than the internet. Elisabeth highly recommends Broadway Bicycle School’s Basic Class, but I’m not sure I’m willing yet to commit to five weeks and $150. However, I just found out about Hub Bicycle’s Fix-a-Flat Clinics (via […]

Adventures in Winter Bike Riding

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to riding my bike in the winter. I’ve already promised myself that I won’t do it in a snowstorm (no studded tires), but the cold itself is creating some problems. I’m bundled up enough for it, with a scarf and mittens added to my skullcap and […]