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Cambridge Bicycle Map

I’m happy to report that I just attended my first meeting as a member of the Cambridge Bicycle Committee. Part of what the committee does is advise the City of Cambridge about infrastructure improvements to make the city safer and more convenient for bicyclists—things like bike lanes and bike racks. This map shows current and […]

Bicycle Commuting Benefits

No, the title isn’t referring to the health benefits (or time savings) of riding a bike. Did you know that if you commute to work by bike you can be reimbursed for any expenses you incur, up to $240 a year? Thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act of 2008 (part of the Emergency Economy Stability […]

Random Tip: Bicycle Compost

So Planet Police only picks up food waste from larger organizations who can’t compost themselves, but there are a couple good services for residential customers in the Boston area, both of which use bicycles to pick up your food waste. SoilCycle and Bootstrap Compost offer services starting at $25 and $10 per month, respectively.  Has […]

Random Tip: Boston Bike Survey

If you bike in the Boston area, take a minute to fill out the City of Boston bike survey. Let’s show the city exactly how much interest there is in bike-friendly roads.

Adjust Your Bike Seat to Avoid Knee Pain

Added to the list of the many things I didn’t know about bikes: how to sit on them. I know, it sounds obvious, but apparently my seat was too low. My knee has been aching the last few weeks, and when I did some research online I found out that it was either because my […]