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Bicycle Commuting Benefits

No, the title isn’t referring to the health benefits (or time savings) of riding a bike. Did you know that if you commute to work by bike you can be reimbursed for any expenses you incur, up to $240 a year? Thanks to the Bicycle Commuter Act of 2008 (part of the Emergency Economy Stability […]

Random Tip: Boston Bike Survey

If you bike in the Boston area, take a minute to fill out the City of Boston bike survey. Let’s show the city exactly how much interest there is in bike-friendly roads.

Adjust Your Bike Seat to Avoid Knee Pain

Added to the list of the many things I didn’t know about bikes: how to sit on them. I know, it sounds obvious, but apparently my seat was too low. My knee has been aching the last few weeks, and when I did some research online I found out that it was either because my […]