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Tag: bike maintenance

A Bike Breakdown

I’ve officially experienced my first serious bike malfunction. On the way to class tonight my chain slipped off and got wedged in the hub. I feel like an idiot, because I knew the chain was loose. It had slipped a few times and even fallen off once, but I was able to get it back […]

Random Tip: Fix-a-Flat Clinics

My issue with my gear cable freezing made me realize I really should learn bike maintenance from someone other than the internet. Elisabeth highly recommends Broadway Bicycle School’s Basic Class, but I’m not sure I’m willing yet to commit to five weeks and $150. However, I just found out about Hub Bicycle’s Fix-a-Flat Clinics (via […]

Lubricating a Bike Chain

I feel kind of bad that I’ve had my bike for over two months now and I haven’t lubed the chain yet. To be fair, I did take it back to Cambridge Bicycle for a free tune up just a month ago. But I’ve read that you should lube the chain at least once a […]