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A Bike Breakdown

I’ve officially experienced my first serious bike malfunction. On the way to class tonight my chain slipped off and got wedged in the hub.

Please ignore the rust.

I feel like an idiot, because I knew the chain was loose. It had slipped a few times and even fallen off once, but I was able to get it back on relatively easily. I made a mental note to take it to Cambridge Bicycle to be tightened, but I just didn’t get around to it.

Luckily there was a bike shop just a few blocks away from where this happened (ATA Cycle). They’re going to do some serious maintenance on it, and I’ll pick it up tomorrow. I should really learn to so some of this myself, but as you can see from the rust on the chain, I can’t even be trusted to do the simple maintenance that I do know how to do. What can I say? I’m not a gearhead. I don’t have the urge to fix my own car; why should I want to fix my own bike? On the other hand, I do take my car in for regular check-ups…

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