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Find the Safest Route with Google Bike Maps

My friend Sharon is borrowing Jason’s bike this week, and in order to figure out the best route to take to work, I recommended Google maps. Their bike directions find you the nearest bike paths or bike lanes and give you the best ways around tough intersections. And they’re still in beta, so if you find a problem with the maps for your area, you can suggest improvements. (Isn’t crowd-sourcing wonderful?)


When I first started riding to work, Google maps suggested a hidden route across the train tracks that I’d never seen before, which cuts at least a few blocks off my trip—and is a much calmer ride. I hope Sharon has as good an experience with it.


Comment from Sharon
Time June 18, 2012 at 8:46 pm

It’s so funny that you posted this just now, because I JUST got back from test driving the route–literally, seven minutes ago! It was great–there are so many big, numbered routes between here and work that I was really nervous, but the path it gave me is right through neighborhoods. I didn’t go all the way to work, because it was getting late and, to be honest, I forgot some of the directions and got a little lost, but the route was really solid. PLUS–it avoided The Hill at Tufts, which avoidance alone is a great thing. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Comment from Sharon
Time June 19, 2012 at 9:33 am

Update: the route was great. Avoided the worst of the hills, only one or two tough road crossings. I’m clearly a newbie, but the bike map was a huge help.

The route it chooses to get me home is a little more challenging, if only because it goes straight up College Ave, which is a long, low hill. Seems like I ought to trust it, though…

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