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Berklee’s Bike Pavilion

At the end of April, I went to the grand opening for Berklee’s new bike pavilion, a secure parking facility for 75 bikes and five electric scooters (with plug-ins!). Prior to this, students who lived in the dorms weren’t allowed to have bikes, and the 20 or so bike racks in front of 150 Mass. Ave. […]

Air Quality for Bikers

If you see people biking around Boston this week with what looks like an oxygen tube hanging off them, no, it’s not a bizarre experimental treatment for lung cancer. The Cambridge Public Health Department is conducting an air quality study for bikers, and this week I’m helping them take measurements. To do this, I’m wearing […]

Random Tip: Fix-a-Flat Clinics

My issue with my gear cable freezing made me realize I really should learn bike maintenance from someone other than the internet. Elisabeth highly recommends Broadway Bicycle School’s Basic Class, but I’m not sure I’m willing yet to commit to five weeks and $150. However, I just found out about Hub Bicycle’s Fix-a-Flat Clinics (via […]

Adventures in Winter Bike Riding

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to riding my bike in the winter. I’ve already promised myself that I won’t do it in a snowstorm (no studded tires), but the cold itself is creating some problems. I’m bundled up enough for it, with a scarf and mittens added to my skullcap and […]