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Berklee’s Bike Pavilion

At the end of April, I went to the grand opening for Berklee’s new bike pavilion, a secure parking facility for 75 bikes and five electric scooters (with plug-ins!). Prior to this, students who lived in the dorms weren’t allowed to have bikes, and the 20 or so bike racks in front of 150 Mass. Ave. were almost always full.

Like many of Berklee’s buildings, the pavilion is card-access, so only members of the Berklee community can enter. This seems like a good idea, since I’ve heard horror stories from people who have parked on the street and had their seats or wheels stolen. I haven’t used the pavilion yet, but my office will be moving closer to it in July, so I’ll probably start then. Last I heard, more than 50 people have signed up for access, and I expect that number will jump in September, when students return.

Of course, Berklee welcomed the new pavilion with music:

I think that this joint effort of Berklee’s Physical Plant and Public Safety offices really shows how much can be done when people collaborate across areas of the college. Physical Plant had been discussing it for a few years now, but it really took off when Public Safety got involved.

It helps that biking is building up such momentum around here. The city’s Boston Bikes initiative has gone a long way toward making Boston a more bike-friendly city, and it seems like every day a new bike rack or lane or Hubway station is going up. I’m really happy to see Berklee getting on board.

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