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Connecting Bike Paths: Charles River to Minuteman

If you saw the Boston Globe piece on bike paths this week, you know that Boston has a lot of them, but most are isolated—often cut off by particularly nerve-wracking stretches of road or dangerous intersections. But Cambridge has been working to improve these connections, even without the space for full-on bike paths. This weekend, […]

Find the Safest Route with Google Bike Maps

My friend Sharon is borrowing Jason’s bike this week, and in order to figure out the best route to take to work, I recommended Google maps. Their bike directions find you the nearest bike paths or bike lanes and give you the best ways around tough intersections. And they’re still in beta, so if you […]

Berklee’s Bike Pavilion

At the end of April, I went to the grand opening for Berklee’s new bike pavilion, a secure parking facility for 75 bikes and five electric scooters (with plug-ins!). Prior to this, students who lived in the dorms weren’t allowed to have bikes, and the 20 or so bike racks in front of 150 Mass. Ave. […]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Counting Study

Recently, I spent a couple hours collecting bicycle and pedestrian data for the city of Somerville. This is the second time they’ve done this study. The first was back in April, when 35 locations were observed during morning and evening rush hours. Read about the results in the Boston Globe. I tallied people passing through […]

Better World Club

 A guest post from Alison Plante, assistant chair of Berklee’s Film Scoring Department and a fellow member of Berklee’s sustainability committee.  A few years ago I switched my Auto Club membership from AAA to the Better World Club. I originally made the change because I wanted bicycle coverage when I was commuting by bike—a service […]