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Better World Club

 A guest post from Alison Plante, assistant chair of Berklee’s Film Scoring Department and a fellow member of Berklee’s sustainability committee. 

A few years ago I switched my Auto Club membership from AAA to the Better World Club. I originally made the change because I wanted bicycle coverage when I was commuting by bike—a service obviously not offered by AAA. But even now that I no longer use the bike coverage (which covers transportation of bike and rider up to 30 miles annually) I’ve stayed with BWC for their auto coverage. Here’s why:

  1. AAA actively works against causes I believe in, such as public transportation and the Clean Air Act. BWC is an advocate for sustainable policies and donates 1% of revenues to environmental cleanup and advocacy.
  2. Discounts are similar to those offered by AAA—not on as many hotels, granted, but they do cover services like hybrid car rentals, which I’ve used when travelling.
  3. The service is the same, as are the membership fees. I’ve made service calls a couple times for jump starts/towing and the response has been fast and professional—just like it was with AAA. They waive initiation fees when transferring from AAA, as well.
If you’re interested, check out their site. I recommend them!

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