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Green Toys

A guest post by Sharon Tomasulo, from Library Hungry.

Adam’s been all about tea parties lately, so we got him this tea set. It’s from a company called Green Toys, which produces plastic toys made 100% from recycled milk jugs. The set is adorable, and we spent over an hour today drinking our water tea and adding spoonfuls of imaginary sugar to it.

Adam taking tea.

Other things to love about it: the whole thing (including raw materials) is made in the USA. It’s BPA-free, if you’re worried about things like that. The packaging is a) all cardboard and recyclable and b) very easy to get into, without twist ties or plastic fasteners. Also, even though the Amazon website has a blurb about teaching little girls to save the Earth while they pour their tea, the company website is pretty careful not to pigeonhole like that. Though they do seem to think that if a girl wants a tool kit, she wants it in pink.

Anyway, we’re very happy with this purchase. Especially Adam, who declares it “delightful, good, and delicious.”

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