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A Spinning Composter

A guest post by Sharon Tomasulo, from Library Hungry.

I got a new composter for my birthday! The one I got for a good price from Medford is decent, but it’s hard to stir up. Also, it’s almost full, and I don’t know what to do with my new compost as I wait for the old stuff to brew.

So, for my birthday, I got an Achla CMP-05 spinning composter. We couldn’t find it locally, so we bought it from Amazon. Adam helped us put it together, which was actually kind of fun, and very easy. He had a lot of fun spinning it before we loaded it up, though after we filled it I had to put my back into it to turn it.

Adam helps spin it.

It’s more of a batch composter, meaning it’s better to put a bunch of stuff in at the beginning and let it stew than to add more all the time. So we’ve been shoveling in the half-dirt, half-scrap mess from the old composter. We’ll let the new bin finish the compost off while we start a fresh batch in the old one. The advantage to this is that, since it’s already half-done, the moisture ratio is right and there’s no dripping, which I’ve heard can be a problem with one of these spinning ones if you put in too many greens.

It’s so satisfying to stop putting my kitchen scraps into the garbage. That few weeks between the old one filling up and the new one arriving were trauma. I have no use for compost, but my friend Liala is a super-gardener, and I’ll just had it off to her—she covets the stuff like cool water on a hot day. So it’s win-win, and I’m back on the Earth’s good side!

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