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Random Tip: Hybrid Auto Loans

We’re planning on replacing our 10-year-old Prius this year, so we’ve started out by looking at our financing options. I was surprised to see that our bank, Metro Credit Union, offers a discounted interest rate on loans for hybrid cars. It’s only 0.25% off, but every little bit helps. Other banks may offer hybrid discounts, too, especially credit unions. If you’re in the market for a hybrid car, it’s worth your while to ask your bank.

I’ll keep my eye out for loan incentives from Toyota, too, but I’m definitely going to get preapproved for a loan by Metro before I approach Toyota.


Comment from Alicia at
Time March 13, 2012 at 11:20 pm

When we were buying our camry hyrbid in 2009 we found that the MIT Credit Union gave a discounted rate for hyrbids as well. Those little bits can add up over the life of a loan, so they are definitely worth looking for and asking about.

We’re huge fans of credit unions.

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