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Replacing My Refrigerator — With or Without Energy Star

There aren’t a lot more opportunities for making my home more energy efficient, but one thing that stands out is replacing my refrigerator. It’s from 1999, and any fridge that old or older was made before federal efficiency standards were increased, so the energy saved by a new refrigerator makes replacing one that old cost-effective. According to the Energy Star refrigerator […]

An LED Lamp to Avoid

Normally I don’t post bad reviews of things, unless I’m listing the pros and cons of multiple items to figure out which I want. But this LED desk lamp is so bad that I have to say something. When we moved into our new office at work, there was more natural light, but on gray […]

Random Tip: Air Conditioner Swap

From now until July 31, Cambridge Energy Alliance is offering $125 toward the purchase of a new Energy Star air conditioner if you recycle an old, inefficient air conditioner. View the voucher form for more information. Open to Cambridge residents only.