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Tag: not tested on animals

Help! I Need Moisturizer!

What do you use for moisturizer? For years I used Oil of Olay (Jason called it Oil of Old Ladies), but then I decided to completely give up products tested on animals. Easy, right? Wrong. I’ve tried out a few different ones, but I’ve had a hard time finding a non-greasy moisturizer that includes sunscreen. The […]

"Natural" Toothpaste

Part of my New Year’s brainstorming was changing to a toothpaste that’s not tested on animals. I don’t know why I waited so long, except that I wasn’t sure what exactly I should be looking for. But I finally broke down and did some research, and ended up switching to Tom’s of Maine Fluoride Toothpaste—which […]

Looking for Green Makeup

I’ve never been a girly girl, but I decided I couldn’t hit 30 without even knowing how to wear makeup. So this week I made an appointment for a consultation at Sephora. I chose Sephora not just because they’re across the street from where I work; they also have a “natural” label for some makeup lines.