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Why the Run on Bottled Water in Boston?

For those of you who haven’t heard, people in the Boston area have been told to boil their tap water for a minute before drinking or cooking with it, because of a burst pipe leading from the reservoir. It’s certainly a bizarre situation for an urban area like this to be without potable water for […]

Water Filter Update

The results are in: our water’s fine. And since it tastes fine, too, no filter’s necessary. Lead: Negative Bacteria: Negative Pesticides: Negative Nitrates: .5 ppm (very low) Nitrites: 0 ppm pH: 10 (very high) Hardness: 120 ppm (very high) Chlorine: 2 ppm (low) We used a Watersafe kit to test it. In addition to the […]

Should I Filter My Water?

We all already know that bottled water is bad. It’s expensive–more expensive per gallon than gas. It’s polluting–a waste of gas to transport all those heavy plastic bottles. And, it turns out, it’s not any better for you than tap water. While towns have to report the results of water quality tests annually, most bottled […]