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Tag: water conservation

Truly Low-Flow Showerheads

Ironically, we converted our toilet to dual-flush before we switched to a low-flow showerhead. Changing showerheads is one of the easiest things people can do to save water and energy. According to the EPA, showers represent 17% of indoor water use. And it’s heated water, too.

Greenwashing – Car Washing, That Is

We finally washed our car this weekend. After three trips to Maine in a month, it really needed it. I’m happy to report that, much like with dishes, the most environmentally friendly way to wash is also the laziest.

Converting to a Dual-Flush Toilet

No, we didn’t get a new toilet. We converted our old one with a One2flush kit. Turning the handle one way makes a half flush and turning it the other makes a full flush. And it’s easy to increase or decrease the water levels of both of them if necessary by adjusting the settings on the flapper.