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The Single Most Delicious Potato Leek Soup Ever

My aversion to root vegetables is well documented. So when we got rutabagas, carrots, and celeriac in our last CSA, in addition to all the potatoes, onions, leeks, beets, and garlic we’ve collected this fall, I was a little put off. To the point where it took us two weeks to use them. Luckily, the whole point of root vegetables is that they last a long time.

But I finally broke down and found a couple recipes that would use up a lot of the veggies we had on hand: Roasted Fall Veggies (over at Eat. Drink. Better.) and Potato and Leek Soup (from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian). The best part of these is that we could do part of the cooking ahead of time—very important, since root vegetables take so long to cook.



For the soup we sautéed the potatoes and leeks and then cooked them in veggie stock for 20 minutes. Then we froze the soup until we wanted it, at which point we thawed it out, pureed it with our immersion blender, and added 1/2 cup sour cream and some green onions. It turned out to be the most delicious soup I’ve ever tasted. Seriously. I’m not a fan of soup, but this was rich and thick. We’ve still got enough for at least one more meal in the freezer and I’m really looking forward to having it again.

For the Roasted Fall Vegetables we chopped up a variety of root veggies: rutagabas, beets, celeriac, potatoes, and carrots. We boiled them, then stored them in the refrigerator for a couple days. Then we coated them with an olive oil and spices mixture and baked them for 20 minutes. While the result wasn’t super delicious, it was a pretty good side dish, and a great way to use up a lot of root veggies in one fell swoop.

We also pulled out a couple of the beets and used them for lunch in an Orange, Beet, and Lemon Zest Salad (also over at Eat. Drink. Better.). I discovered that I actually really enjoy beets, as long as they’re cold.

The beauty of these recipes is that none of them took more than half an hour at a time, so any part could be done after work. I think part of my root vegetable hatred over the years may have been that I never wanted to take the time at night to cook them. By cooking things ahead of time, I can work around that issue.


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