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A Hat to Bike in

It’s been really cold biking lately, and I’m prone to earaches—especially on windy bridges. So I asked around about how people wear hats with their helmets. My friend Dave wears a headband-type-thing that covers just his ears. He says his head gets too hot under his helmet for a hat. My friend Elisabeth wears really thin hats under her helmet, and she recommended a woolen one, so that it’ll be warm even if it gets wet. Actually, she specifically recommended an Ibex hat, and since an Ibex store had just opened up down the street from where I work, I popped in one night.

Don't I look like a thug?

I ended up getting a skull cap and liner gloves, and they’ve been working just fine the last few weeks. My helmet definitely feels tighter than it does without the hat, but it works. And my head and hands have stayed pretty warm. My neck on the other hand… Time to break out the scarves.

On the plus side, cold weather means fewer people out on the bike path, so I can go faster. I’m not a speed junky, but it can be pretty exhilarating!

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Comment from Sense of Home
Time November 12, 2010 at 3:14 pm

Very cute! I have had to give up the biking for the year. We’ve had a beautiful fall, temps rising even to the 60s, but now the highs are in the 40s and the mornings are below freezing (and I am a cold weather wimp).


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