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Switching Cat Food . . . Again

Tonight I was planning on posting about our last CSA pick-up, but an emergency trip to the vet changed my plans. (Look for the CSA post on Monday.) Don’t worry; Ollie’s fine now. But he had developed crystals in his urine that irritated his bladder. He’s now on a prescription cat food (Hill’s C/D), and the vet says he’ll probably have to stay on it for most of his life to make sure this doesn’t recur.

Ollie tested. Vet approved.

As I mentioned in my Cat Food post, this sort of urinary tract problem is one of the reasons why cats can’t be vegan. Male cats (and, my vet says, long-haired male cats in particular) can develop a life-threatening urinary tract obstruction. It seems to be more about mineral balance than protein, but it’s why we’d never try to feed our cats a vegan diet.

Knowing this, I specifically chose a dry cat food that had a lot of high-quality protein (Newman’s Own). But my vet says that cats who are prone to Oliver’s condition should be on specially formulated food, preferably wet. The extra water is really important to flush out his digestive tract.

For all of you suddenly thinking of switching to wet food to prevent your cat from developing urinary tract problems, my vet said that for most cats she recommends dry food, because the friction cleans their teeth. Now that Oliver’s on wet food we’ll have to give him dental treats or try to brush his teeth.

So despite our best intentions, we’re off the humane cat food. I don’t know yet if there is a humane cat food for bladder health; right now I’m just waiting for Ollie to completely recover. But if I do find one, I’ll definitely ask my vet before switching—I want to make sure my cat’s health won’t suffer for my morals.


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