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Switching Cat Food . . . Again

Tonight I was planning on posting about our last CSA pick-up, but an emergency trip to the vet changed my plans. (Look for the CSA post on Monday.) Don’t worry; Ollie’s fine now. But he had developed crystals in his urine that irritated his bladder. He’s now on a prescription cat food (Hill’s C/D), and the vet says he’ll probably have to stay on it for most of his life to make sure this doesn’t recur.

Indoor Cats

This weekend we got Oliver a huuuuge cat tree. We weren’t sure he’d use it, but he immediately climbed straight to the top. Now he’s sleeping on it, watching our bird feeder from it, tossing his toys up and down it, and doing acrobatic leaps off it. It’s a real hit. Now you might be […]

I Want Chickens, Too!

Would it be weird to buy a house just to have chickens in the backyard? Over on I interviewed Jonathan Feist about the chickens, ducks, and geese he’s raising, and it reminded me that I really want chickens. I don’t have a yard, so I have no place to put them right now. But […]

Cat Food

Our kitten is no longer a kitten. By our vet’s estimate, Ollie was born at the end of last August, so it’s now time for adult cat food. I’ve never thought much about cat food. As a vegetarian, I feel bad feeding my cats meat, but I know that they actually must have it (unlike dogs). Contrary […]

Cat Litter

Probably one of the more unsustainable things that I do is own pets. From cat food to cat litter, our cats are almost as bad for the environment as a kid! So I try to ameliorate that effect when I can. One of the ways is to keep them indoors; free roaming domestic cats have […]