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Kathy Mattea on Coal

I confess to a misspent youth. Until about the age of 13 or so I listened almost exclusively to country music. (Alabama, Laurie Morgan, and Clint Black were actually my first concert—but usually I pass over that and claim Smashing Pumpkins.) So I have a bit of a soft spot for Kathy Mattea. I could still sing “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses,” and “Where’ve You Been” still brings involuntary tears to my eyes. I’m not a big country music fan anymore, but when Mattea gave a clinic at Berklee this week about her newest CD, Coal, I gained a whole new respect for her.

photo by James Minchen

Mattea’s not quite a coal miner’s daughter, but almost. Both her grandfathers were miners in West Virginia, where she grew up. Now she’s a dedicated environmentalist who uses her celebrity to bring attention to the effects of coal—on both the people who mine it and the rest of the world.

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