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Tag: Energy Use

MyEnergy Home Dashboard

I’ve been tracking my energy use with the MyEnergy Dashboard for about a year now, and it’s a really easy way to parse data. You just save your username and password for your utility’s site (electricity, natural gas, or water), and each month it automatically updates on MyEnergy. Then you can browse through the information […]

Tracking Our Energy Use

We’ve done a bunch of stuff to try to save energy since we moved into this apartment two years ago, most of it documented right here. But while I had a sense it was working (at least to some extent), I never actually crunched the numbers. And this blog is really supposed to be about […]

Fun with a Kill-a-Watt

We finally got that Kill-A-Watt we’ve been thinking about, and we spent a good part of last weekend running around the house measuring the energy use of every single piece of electronic equipment we own. It was surprisingly fun. It was also a lot of numbers. (See below.) But we could draw a few conclusions from all of them:

Revolving Doors

But you know the signs some buildings put up—”To conserve energy, please use revolving doors”? They’re actually true.